CSU Early Interventions Overview

Taking Stock Early Interventions is the broader phrase (or umbrella term) we use to refer to CSU’s utilization of both the Taking Stock Student Survey and Early Performance Feedback from Instructors.

Early Performance Feedback (EPF) – Instructors in select courses determine if a student meets expectations or if the student is not meeting expectations yet at the 5th week of the semester.  Instructors will assign a “Y” for yes meeting expectations or a “N” for not meeting expectations yet which we call the EPF indicator.  The “Y” or “N” is based on a student’s performance to date.  The purpose is to increase feedback provided to students concerning their performance in the critical first weeks of the semester so that the student can make adjustments and improvements, if necessary.

Taking Stock Student Survey – given to first year students in the 4th week of the semester to help students reflect on experiences during the first few weeks at CSU and seek assistance or modify behaviors.  The purpose is to connect first year students with CSU staff and campus resources based on the student’s own identified areas of concern, to normalize the transition experience, and to increase student’s potential for academic success and graduation.

U-Turn is a one-stop-shop event for anyone interested in improving their grades (held in support of the EPF & Taking Stock Survey Initiatives).  U-Turn is typically held a week or two before the Individual Course Withdrawal Deadline in both the fall and spring semesters, around the 7th week which is around October 5th or March 5th typically.

Each fall and spring semester, instructors in entry level courses have the opportunity to participate in the Early Performance Feedback process.