Taking Stock - Your Ticket to Success

The Taking Stock Program begins with an online survey, which is sent to all new first-year and transfer students at CSU.  Students complete the survey during the 4th week of the semester and are encouraged to reflect on their experiences during the first few weeks at CSU.

After the survey is completed, students are contacted by Residence Life, Off-Campus Life staff, or their Transfer Transition Leader to discuss their strengths and challenges, which are identified based on the survey data.  The conversation is one between peers, and students who have participated in the past have appreciated the opportunity to reflect and discuss with someone they are already connected with that may have recently faced some of the same challenges.  Students are also referred to campus resources based on survey data and one-on-one meeting discussions, and may receive outreach from their academic advisor or other members of their support network.

The Taking Stock Program strives to normalize the transition experience for new students, and to increase student’s potential for academic success and graduation.